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"Let Me Virtually Take You By The Hand and Teach You From Scratch How To Create Multiple set-and-forget Passive Income Streams That Will Have You Automatically Earning Over A Million Dollars A Year  Without Even Owning A Website!"


From The Modern Mansion of: "The Easy Chair Millionaire"

Dear Entrepreneur,

You Can Actually Start Earning Cash 15 Minutes From Now!






While I am a Multi-Millionaire and make thousands of dollars a day on the internet I shouldn't  be confused with any other jerk online. I'm not obnoxious, I'm not rude and I'm certainly not going to insult your intelligence or belittle you and call you a pathetic loser. However with all that being said, I have to confess to one thing, I am extremely lazy.


You see I thoroughly enjoy sitting in my easy chair and smoking imported Cuban cigars, all while watching my million dollar Internet empire grow on my laptop. And you want to know something?

I don't even own a website with the exception of the one your reading now.



 "I Urge You Not To Be A "Site Scroller"

Okay, It’s no secret that I’m selling something here, but when you see what I'm offering, you will be blown away! I'm going to TRY and keep this short and sweet, because there is nothing worse and I am sure you’ll agree, than a sales letter that goes on and on… But if I don't have your full attention you may not see all I have to offer you and coming back later may cost you money. So I ask you not to just scrooool down to the P.S. and baaaaaaack up to the Top, and then look for the price, "Yawn." and close the page.

Here's what I suggest you do...




Ask your spouse (or significant other) to give you 15 Minutes to tend to your "Dreams For Financial Freedom."

  • Hold all your calls…

  • Lower the TV…

  • Shut off your Instant Messenger…

  • Close Your Outlook, Yahoo, or your AOL inbox…

Now be sure to read every word on this page, because I'm going to show you how you can go from “working mundane day job that hardly pays” to “earning thousands of dollars of Passive Income automatically online month after month starting 15 minutes from now.

NOW! Before we start, lets just get one thing clear... I am not talking about some gimmick or BS multi-level marketing scheme selling vitamins or Asian meditation chants to unsuspecting friends and relatives.


I want to show you how in  just 15 minutes from now you too could have Multiple Set-And-Forget Passive Income Streams Online that will automatically pay you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year... all without having a website, without having a product and without joining some MLM Or Network Marketing Scam"

Sound like a lot of B.S.? Well I don’t blame you for doubting me, especially with all the over-promise-and-under-deliver offers being peddled online today. Let me tell you that I’ve been quietly achieving HUGE results on the Internet since about 1996 and I've done it all without putting my name up in lights like all the others do.


When people ask why I'm revealing my million dollar system, my answer to them is quite simple. I have grown so sick and tired of all the crap being sold online to poor unsuspecting people that simply want to get ahead. I'm tired of all the unfulfilled promises... For many years I have watched people spend a small fortune on MLM and get-rich-quick schemes, paid to read email and stuffing envelope scams... I think its time to finally put an end to it all.

My system that can be implemented by the average person, even if they have limited computer skills... I'm blowing the lid off things and teaching the everyday person how to make thousands of dollars on the internet, month-in and month-out using the same simple system that I have used for years to make millions of dollars in cold hard cash... and let me just add that me teaching you this system is in no way going to diminish my success!

While I'm not going to tell you my name, where I live or any other irrelevant information, I’m not shy to tell you that as a result of my online success my family and I live in an extremely large executive style mansion at a much sought after absolute beachfront address. We also have a garage full of all the latest toys including whatever late model sports car we feel like driving. Click Here for a tour of my home...

Over the past 10 years I have lived the lifestyle that many can only dream about. Nice cars, expensive motorcycles, five star holidays overseas, and the opportunity to buy anything I want without having to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay for it!

All this has been possible because I followed a simple formula. I learnt that the quickest and easiest way to achieve success and riches was to set up Passive Income Streams that pay you even while you sleep.

Let me ask you a question: What if you lost your job next week or worse had an accident, would your boss or the company you work for continue paying your mortgage and various other bills that continue to come in to your household each month? How long could you survive? could you live on your savings? This is something you seriously need to think about!

The first thing you must understand is that successful people such as myself get rich by taking advantage of "leverage". Leverage means using other peoples’ resources to set up systems that automatically bring you money while you do other things (like sleep, holiday, eat, or whatever else you feel like doing.) You do the work once, plug it into a system and the money keeps coming into your bank account no matter where you are or what you are doing!

Fortunes have been made and are still being made everyday on the Internet, by people just like you and I. People with a desire to make money WITHOUT BECOMING A SLAVE to a job or a boss.... I make thousands of dollars a month on the Internet which equates to over a million dollars a year...

Anyone can do it and it is easy!  Just a few simple clicks of the mouse each day and a time investment of less than 30 minutes a week, earns me thousands of dollars per month. And I show you exactly how I do it, and how you can too starting 15 minutes from now.

What's your dream lifestyle? Perhaps you like to travel? My family and I love to travel.. I can oversee my Automatic Income Streams from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. Maintaining my Automatic Income Streams takes only a few hours a week and is easy to do whether I'm  traveling or sitting at home in my favourite easy chair.

“It amazes me that most people’s lives seem to be getting dressed in the clothes that they buy for work, driving through morning traffic in a car they are still paying for in order to get to the job they need so they can pay for the clothes, pay for the car and pay for the home they leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it”…


I desired to be financially free… I didn’t want to be a slave to a job or an arrogant boss, nor did I want to be rudely awoken by an annoying alarm clock each morning

Today I value my TIME more than anything else on the planet, apart from my family. I believe you only have one chance at this life and it should be lived the way YOU decide. Not the way society, big companies or the government says you should live.




What law of nature requires that you go to school, work hard, work your way up and waste two thirds of your time at some stinking office or company? Why do you have to make money in the way THEY say you have to make money? Why should you forfeit the only asset you have that’s worth anything YOUR TIME?

I mean why do you have to exchange your TIME and ENERGY for money based on some artificial scale that society tells you is acceptable? Why are you paid by the hour, week or month? Why is TIME and HOW HARD you work correlated with how much you make? Who thought of this stupid system anyway?

Why not exchange your BRAINS for money? Why not legally make OBSCENE amounts of money whenever and however you want to? Why not start a business that is as close to perfect as possible?

And the BEST part is that anyone who follows my system can do it!

“How would you like to start a business in which you don't have to make anything (you don’t need to develop a product or even set up a website), but can earn you profits of up to 75 percent?”

Of course you would, right! Well such a business does exist and its already a billion dollar a year industry.

Here’s just some of the benefits of the “Easy Chair Millionaire” system:

  • You NEVER have to create or maintain a website of your own.

  • You NEVER have to create your own products or services.

  • You NEVER have to stock any inventory.

  • You NEVER have to take or ship orders.

  • You NEVER have to deal with customers or follow up on leads.

  • You NEVER have to work any set hours!

  • You NEVER have to fork out any huge investments.

  • And best of all, you’ll make more money than those who do!

I will show you all the strategies required to launch your own SET AND FORGET Internet Business that will bring in Multiple Passive Income Streams. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll wish you had discovered this years ago!

Imagine… making money hand over fist, 24 hours a day with on the Internet and never having to leave home.

Or imagine… sailing the Caribbean or the coastline of Hawaii, traveling Europe or taking that holiday you've always dreamed of and still getting paid while you’re away. 

I recently took a world trip first class and my Passive Income Streams made me thousands of dollars while I was away. You can do this too!

You can be set up and on autopilot within 15 minutes …and you will enjoy the luxury of earning a full time Passive Income from home or anywhere in the world.  It's a business where you never see the customer.  Your market is the entire world and for them it's only mouse click away. I REVEAL PROVEN STRATEGIES FOR MAKING MONEY AROUND THE CLOCK, 24 HOURS A DAY WHILE YOU SLEEP!

The “Easy Chair Millionaire” system is laid out in a step-by-step sequence and is explained in plain everyday English. There is no unexplained technical jargon, so you can quickly follow my step by step instructions on how to set up and start making money straight away.





This Offer Expires at Midnight on

RIGHT NOW, as you read this website you have two choices…

Put this offer to one side. Get distracted by other things. Forget about it and perhaps miss this great opportunity for financial security and freedom.



This offer is backed by a 100% - 8 Week - No-Risk-Money-Back-Guarantee.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take Action Now while it’s still fresh in your mind, start creating the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and quit that stinking day job.

Normally $147.00
Today's Special Price ONLY $47.00! SAVE $100!


Download Instantly... even if its 2am in the morning!

However, you must hurry. This special, reduced price offer of ONLY $47.00 ends at midnight on , and will then increase to $147.00. If you wait you will have to pay full price (which is still a fantastic deal.) but why wait? Purchase now and save $100!

Yours sincerely

The Easy Chair Millionaire!

P.S: You can’t go wrong with my, 8-Week-No-Risk-Money-Back-Guarantee If you don’t make at least 100 times your investment back or you are unsatisfied in any way simply contact me directly and you will get 100% of your money refunded

P.P.S. Imagine establishing "Multiple Passive Income Streams" on the Internet and finally being able to say goodbye and good riddance to the frustrations, insecurity and workplace bickering of your regular job. Having the freedom to spend time with your family… dress how you want… work when you want… and keep all the money you bring in!



I know I said this earlier but I wanted to say it again to make sure it hit's home with you: 

“It amazes me that most people’s lives seem to be getting dressed in the clothes that they buy for work, driving through morning traffic in a car they are still paying for in order to get to the job they need so they can pay for the clothes, pay for the car and pay for the home they leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it”…  REALLY THINK ABOUT IT!


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